Informative Essay On Roller Coasters

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Ride the outdoor adventure roller coaster today it's lightning fast with a great scenery. Outdoor adventure will accommodate both thrill seekers and riders looking for a fun time. For the thrill seekers out there you will go above the peaks of our Alpes which will send you rushing down for air. In a pitch black cave you are flipped upside down in a matter of seconds. Coming bearing out of the cave you will be seeing a landscape of trees and grass to grazing animals on the mountain side. After you level out you will go up and over hills and see campers in their tents. Back up the mountain you go but don't be fooled. You are brought right back down and through another pitch black cave but this time you are introduced to something different.…show more content…
Outdoor adventure is a steel roller coaster for a smoother and more enjoyable ride. You will be lifted up the steep side of the mountain by a chain lift. The beginning of the ride will have a inertia jerk so be prepared. The drop at the beginning of the ride is 230 feet long with four momentum rolls to make you the rider dizzy. The pitch black cave has a loop in it so you will have a centripetal force acting on you in that moment. The whole idea of the cave is to get you disoriented to show you the next thing to come. We do this by not only a loop but another momentum roll. As you come out of the pitch black cave you will find yourself on a smooth, large U-turn. With enough momentum to get over the next three hills as you ride past campers. The ride is then re-lifted up by chain to another hill that is only 90 feet tall. At the end of the hill you will go through another pitch black cave but at the end which is exactly the same as the other. When you come out the ride is bolted into the cliff. You continue around the cliff side near and animatronic climber. Then into another cave with diamonds and gold. The gold and diamonds are fake of course but they are always fun. You will travel along a real lake side and back into the
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