Informative Essay On Roller Skating

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Innocent Toy or Serious Threat Last year, I took roller skating lessons as my physical education class. Because since childhood, I have admired those kids who were skating in front of me like floating. So I took this opportunity to learn roller skating very hard. And with the practice, I felt more and more that roller skating was benefit to our health. It was not a serious threat but an innocent toy. Foremost, roller skating is good for health. It is an easy and fun activity which can go on for a long time. Like swimming, roller skating belongs to a low impact, systemic aerobic exercise. It promotes the coordination of large and small muscles and improves balance and concentration. It can also promote the improvement and metabolism of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system. According to the test, if a person continues to roller skating for 30 minutes, his heart rate will reach 148 times per minute. Roller skating which is better than jogging, swimming, cycling and so on can improves the ability of the body to…show more content…
They think roller skating has great potential safety hazard. A lot of people have suffered serious injuries when they are skating. It is not completely true. What is the truth of the matter? In the 2014 study, the University of Massachusetts presented an astonishing discovery that the impact of the straight wheel shoes on the joints was about 50% lower than the impact of running on the joints. The wheels made of polyurethane have little impact on the joints. So the elderly and children are also fit for this sport - wearing helmets and protective gear, the risk of injury is small after falling down. The most important thing in any activity is safety. Experts say that roller skating itself is not dangerous. The failure to establish the right concept of self-protection and the habit of wearing protective clothing is the cause of
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