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Have you ever been to a concert? A Taylor Swift concert to be exact. Have you ever gotten to go backstage and meet her? Well, I was lucky enough to go and do exactly that for free. I was the most ecstatic teenger in the world that night. Meeting her is the most amazing experience anyone could ever have.
It was August 19th and my dad, Kenny, was at Marsh where he had been working for for eighteen years. He had arrived at work around 1:00 p.m. Having nothing more to accomplish, he decided to check his email and saw that there was an unread email from Coca-Cola. He opened it. The unread email aforesaid,”Enter for a chance to win a Meet and Greet with Taylor Swift!” So, my dad decided to enter just for the fun of it for the reason of knowing that it was
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And it was sold out. The opening act of the concert was Vance Joy, who sang about five or so songs then introduced Taylor Swift. When Taylor Swift entered onto the stage, she was flabbergasted by all of the cheering fans who were chanting her name. She just looked around like she was watching pigs fly or something. Her First song she performed was “Welcome to New York and the stage was set up like Broadway. She sang another seven or eight songs and then she grabbed her black, shiny guitar and the entire walkway of the stage started rising up a couple stories and started spinning in three hundred sixty degrees while she was singing “Fifteen”. After she sang “Fifteen”, she told us that she had a surprise for us at the end of the show if we would keep up our enthusiasm. A few songs later, she said,”Are you guys ready for your surprise?” Then the Band Perry walked out and everyone started screaming. Including me. The Band Perry sang “If I Die Young”. The awesome part was that my dad was singing along to entire time to every song he
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