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A 2015 Huffington Post Religion survey revealed that seventy-five percent of Americans believe that the Bible is in some way connected to God, with twenty eight percent believing that the Bible is the literal word of God. There are seemingly infinite reasons to trust that the Bible is the veritable word of God, ranging from secular historical records to real-life geographical locations we have discovered or live in today to the sheer number of inerrant copies of the Old and New Testaments. All of these reasons combined help to prove that not only is the Bible God’s word and instructions to us today, but the text of the Bible (all 31,000 verses of it) are without error when observed in context. There are numerous parallels between the modern-day Bible and other historical records. A prime example of this is the story of King Hezekiah and rival Sennacherib, whose story of war is found in 2 Kings 18 and 19. King Hezekiah fought against Sennacherib at Jerusalem and won with the help of a well-trained army and God’s blessing. Sennacherib also had a well-trained army, but he lost his opportunity to take over the Promised Land. Though Sennacherib tells his side of the story slightly differently (leaving out his defeat), that discrepancy stems from him not wanting…show more content…
Some locations are still inhabited today by the same people while archaeologists have uncovered others through logic and deduction. An excellent example of geographical locations verifying a person’s stories is the apostle Paul. He records four distinct missionary journeys between A.D. 46 and A.D. 60. In Acts sixteen, he records that he visited places across Asia Minor, ranging from Philippi in Greece to Jerusalem in Judea. Though Philippi was abandoned in the 14th Century in the Ottoman raids, tourists can still visit the city. Jerusalem, the modern-day capital of Israel, has a population of 801,000 (2011
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