Informative Essay On The Movie Bully

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Description of Documentary: When children are pushed to commit foolish activities or suicide because of bullies, one can tell there is something wrong with the way situations are being handled in our society. The documentary, Bully, presents countless examples of the effects of bullying and how poorly circumstances are managed. Through instances resulting in juvenile detention or taking one’s own life, the documentary displays various ways kids deal with torment. As we follow the lives of five different youths suffering at the hands of their peers, we see just how much these kids go through with little to no support.
The first family we meet has recently lost their son, Tyler, to suicide at the age of 17. Tyler’s dad recounts the way Tyler transformed from being a bubbly child to a loner. Tyler’s dad discusses how he knew that Tyler was getting shoved into lockers and being told to hang himself, and that he understands why Tyler took his own life. Tyler’s mom then shows us Tyler’s old room where he committed suicide, how his younger brother, Troy, found him, and how they changed the room into an office to work on their anti-bullying stuff. Tyler’s parents are both extremely understanding and want to celebrate Tyler’s life by helping others experiencing mistreatment. Unfortunately, the school would not take any responsibility for what happened, dismissing all accusation, and left all bullying unpunished. Even at a town meeting, no representative from the school came to hear

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