Informative Essay On What Makes Odysseus Is A True Hero

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Odysseus may not be the image you get in your head when you hear the word “hero”. I’m here to say he is. He tried to save his entire crew. It was their fault that they died, Odysseus tried his best and they disobeyed him. You cannot call Odysseus a “bad leader” for that reason. His trickery and wits and also guts helped him and his crew out of Polyphemus’ cave. In the movie version, Odysseus even fought Poseidon, Polyphemus’ father. I find Odysseus as a very good hero.
Odysseus is what you would call, “Larger Than Life”. He was a major problem for the Trojans in The Trojan War. He was not tempted by Circe the Witch. He did not eat Helios’ Cows even though he may have starved. He killed all of Penelope's suitors with his bow and a quiver of
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