Informative Essay: The Different Types Of Black Holes

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Do you know how it feels to be stretched into a long strand almost like spaghetti? In this essay you will find out how it happens along with 9 other paragraphs of awesomeness. These paragraphs will go into depth of this mind-blowing topic.

How are black holes formed? Black holes are said to be made from stars that run out of core energy or the fuel that is in the middle. Once the star runs out of energy it caves on itself and then explodes. The explosion of the star has a scientific term; this term is called supernova. This was discovered the 1604 when Johannes Kepler saw a three colors: blue, green, and red explode in the sky. Scientists think that black holes are created after a supernova. If you get scared easily then you have to remembered
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How are they different? There are three different types of black holes. They are miniature, stellar, and supermassive. The miniature black hole is the smallest, hence the name miniature. Scientists think that they were made in the early universe. The miniature black hole is smaller than our star the sun. Scientists also do not know if they actually exist.
Next, is the stellar black hole, this is the one that which was mentioned earlier. It is formed when a star runs out of core energy. Stellar black holes are said to slowly shrink away. Last is the supermassive, which are the size of billions of suns. These black holes are said to be at the center of galaxies. Scientists say that the center of our galaxy is a black hole.

Who was the person that had the theory of black holes? The man that discovered black holes was Karl Schwarzschild. He was born on October 9, 1873. It was the year 1916 when he made the theory of black holes a possibility. He was not the first to make the theory of a hole in space that might have the same qualitys of a black hole. The people who had this theory were John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace. They had this theory in the 18th century this was around the time that North America was discovered and when Britain had great
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It will slowly pull you into its field and this is past the point of no return. Plus by the time you get here you would probably be burnt up. This will happen because of all the possible stars it could have “ate up”. As you get closer to the center of the black hole time will start to slow down. Also, as you travel around more and more you will stretch out this process is called spaghettification. And yes spaghettification is an actual word.

What is a black hole shaped like? Why is it shaped like this?If we were able to see a black hole it would look to the human eye as a giant circle with a black dot in the middle. But this is too simple I will go more in depth. Since black holes are holes in space they look different on the inside. It has three main parts the first is the ergosphere, this is the part when you first enter the hole part. Next, it the event horizon this is really past the point of no return. Last is the singularity this is the part where all the mass enters and stays.
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