Informative Essay: The Most Popular Video Game Shows In America

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Today’s game shows have come a long way in the past centuries. They have become more and more popular and entertaining. Some like, “The Price is Right” when it first started in 1956 and has been on since 1972 after being revamped. The show is watched by millions every day and you spin a giant wheel at the end to get into the showcase showdown where you have a chance to win a boat, car, or vacation. After watching the movie Idiocracy, I was deeply reminded of how dumb down game shows have become. As Luke Wilson played by Joe Bauers, came crashing into Fritos home, played by Dax Shepard. Frito is watching a Game show called, “Ow! My Balls!” staring Hormel Chavez. The show has everything you need to feel entertained in 2505. The star of the show…show more content…
Like, “Hole in the Wall” shown in 2008 by the FOX network. Originally a Japanese TV show where you have to fit the shape of the wall coming towards you. If you do not fit through the wall and complete the challenge, you are pushed into the water and lose. Another popular TV program in America is a show called “Wipeout”. This show plays a small roll in inflicting pain onto the contestants while the commentators say humorous things and mock or insult the contestants as they get smacked in the face or bent upside-down and backward into the water. As funny as the show is, the player with the fastest time in the course is declared the "champion" and wins $50,000 dollars. Fear Factor is another attempt to humiliate people into doing things they normally would never do, all contestants are pit against each other for prize money of about $50,000 dollars. The catch is doing stuff you would never do in real life because of the “fear” side of things. Eating bugs to bobbing for hidden rings in cows blood. The show will make you cringe in disgust. So, do I think the movie Idiocracy is becoming an American Documentary? Well, when other peoples pain is involved and humiliation to entertain me as I am taking a crap on my new TV Toilet. Then yes, I would say we have become an idiocy civilization. I do not see our civilization ever stopping to laugh at other peoples misfortunes. As long as there is a cash prize and the ratings are through the roof, television companies will continue to prove that we are living in a current state of
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