Informative Essay: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Ever since the Syrian civil war broke out back in 2011, millions of Syrians have been forced to flee away from their homes to escape the terrors raised by their leader, Bashar Al- Assad. However, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has banned all Muslims from entering the country until representatives can further establish a solution to the issue. Many like him fear the refugees will enter the country and rely on welfare or endanger the citizens of the United States. But studying farther into the bases of ISIS, the group already has thousands of members in Europe with EU passports ready to go. Syrian refugees should be allowed into this country as long as they provide a skill that will allow them to
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“Right now, the main challenge is learning English, among the government assisted refugees, that is even more difficult because only about 10 per cent who arrived here could speak some English.” reported an article in Maclean’s Magazine. A study on the Syrian refugees made by e United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) shows that refugees are willing to to go to English school to learn English and emerge with the local culture. Furthermore, many refugees feel they are a burden to their local government as they are taking social assistance and want to support themselves and find a job in their field, such as Tamar Sharifah from Canada in the article Preparing For Month 13. Shortly after a year she arrived in Canada, reporters from Maclean’s Magazine interviewed her and asked about her experiences in Canada, she replied with “I am so thankful to the Canadian government but I don’t want any more money from the government, I want to support myself,I want to learn the language, and after that I hope to find work in my field, maybe at a bank.” If a certain individual like Tamar Sharifah shows commitment to learn English with a certain skills that society views as valuable, then this barrier should hold them back chasing the American dream of making the yankee

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