Informative Essay on Golf

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Jamie Schenck
Joe Lewis
COM 181
February 18 2013
An Informative Speech on Golf
By: Jamie Schenck I. Introduction a. Golf throughout history has, at its basics, started from men carrying sticks hitting balls on the ground and become a game with extreme depth, excitement, competition, and relaxation. b. Some historians believe that it was the Scottish who invented golf. Although there are two different theories, European history of golf, and Ancient Asian history of golf. c. Two of the most ancient regions golf-like sports have been mentioned in are the Greeks and the Egyptians dating back to 2,600 B.C. Wall paintings were discovered showing people using sticks to hit balls on the ground, resembling golf clubs. d.
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Regardless of what other pro athletes view on the game are, golf is a very competitive and highly paid sport. Tournaments are held at different times of the year in different parts of the world by hundreds of pro golfers. These tournaments can have prize money of hundreds of thousands of dollars. c. If you want to relax and enjoy a nice day while having fun at the same time with little physical effort, golf is your sport. One of the reasons I enjoy golf most is the simple aspect of enjoying it with your friends. Most people play it simply to get away from stress and hardship from everyday life. All in all golf is one of the most relaxing sports there is to play, and one of the least stressful on your body. III. Conclusion a. There are so many aspects to the game of golf that it is impossible for me to tell you everything in just one speech, but the history, depth, excitement, and pure leisure of the sport is breathe taking. b. Golf will continue to advance through the future with more technology to improve the game in many ways. People who haven’t played golf before are missing out on a truly great experience. c. From my experience I will continue to play golf and enjoy it on a friendly level, although sometimes the competitiveness comes out when playing your friend who contends at your skill level. To all of

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