Informative Influences On John Steinbeck : The Age Of Mark

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I F. FORMATIVE INFLUENCES ON JOHN STEINBECK "Let no man say that he has no influences. Whatever he may be and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and power" (George, Henry. www.brainy /h/henrygeorge.html.Web.15 Jun.2014). 1. Influences During the Growing Years: Steinbeck’s family was fond of religious, philosophical and literary books. Therefore, it is obvious he had natural vicinity and affinity with literature. Much before his wife Carol and his mother Olive encouraged him to read and write. His house was full of books. Quite in his early life, he read The Holy Bible, Morte d'Arthur, Crime and Punishment, Madame Bovary, The Return of the Native, etc. He had a keen interest in the books of Walter Scott, Jack London and R. L. Stevenson. He was attracted to the Greek historians and literature too. His childhood friend, Max Wagner left a great impact on him. Wagner later on became a film actor and served as inspiration for The Red Pony. In his childhood, Steinbeck heard about Henry Morgan’s adventures which proved raw material for his first novel, Cup of Gold. He found his paternal grandfather, John Adolph Groβsteinbeck a very important figure to evoke him to write. "He went to Jerusalem with his family in 1852 to convert the Jews of Palestine. It was a bizarre and unrealistic idea, also because there were far more Arabs in the area at the time, but the small party set out
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