Informative Interview For Helping Professionals Essay

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Informative Interview for Helping Professionals In order to have a better understanding of what exactly an individual in the helping profession does especially one who works with children; I decided to interview the Guidance Counselor and middle school student life coordinator Rebecca Louth at Saint Patrick’s Catholic School. Saint Patrick’s is a private Catholic school grade Pre-k through 8th. Before the interview I thought I had a good understanding of what the role a guidance counselor played within a school, but this interview helped me develop a better understanding of how a guidance counselor works. It also helped me understand how the staff and faculty at a school (specifically a private school) work; their day to day tasks. School/ Work Setting Saint Patrick’s Catholic school is a private school that consists of two “schools”; the lower school which is grades PreK through 4th and middle school which is grades 5th through 8th. Tuition is approximately $15,000 per year, but they do offer financial aid and “silent scholarships.” The school is home to more than 100 staff and faculty members which consists of administration staff, teachers, teacher assistants, and supporting staff. There is four administrative staff members: The Principal, Administrative assistant, Director of the lower school, and Director of Middle School. The degree level of the staff varies majority holding Masters degrees or in pursue of bachelors or master’s degree. Admission is considered from
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