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Title of Presentation: The role of the Family and Medical Leave Act in the workplace.

Name of Presenter: Maria Vargas

Description of Business Audience:
Informative presentation to managers to fully understand the new standard regulations of the Family and Medical Leave Act in a company.

The year 2013 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by President Clinton. Since then, many families has had the advantage of this law. In 2013, President Obama signed new regulations to the FMLA that covers service members and veterans.
Thesis Statement
A better comprehension of the Family and Medical Leave Act for managerial employees.
What is the Family and Medical Leave
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The comprehension and continued knowledge is vital for both the employer and employee, to fully gain the benefits of the program.
Visual Explanation * 1. Chart representing employee awareness of FMLA. (Simonetta, 2012)

2. Chart representing the knowledge of employee of the FMLA. (Simonetta, 2012)

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