Informative Presentation On Health Safety And Environmental

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Informative Presentation Outline Template
General Purpose: To inform college junior and senior level business graduates on how to make an informed career decision.
Specific Purpose: As a result of this presentation, my audience will be introduced to two promising career paths that can yield job security and success. A career in Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management and or Entrepreneurship, can be a rewarding career decision. After this presentation students will be able to assess the risk involved in both career path, the incentives of choosing one or the other and qualifications needed to boost success in each field.

I. Introduction

A. Attention/need step: How hard is it to make a life changing decisions? Those decisions that affects your education, the career paths you choose and whether or not you become successful. Founder of Quintessential Careers and present CEO of, Doctor Randall S Hansen stated in a recent article, that majority of college students struggle to select a major and stick with it (Hanson, 2016). If you believe this is the hardest decision there is to make about your future, how about the decision you have to make about your career? Is there anyone out there in the audience that can stand and confidently say that they are sure that the career they have chosen will yield precisely what they anticipate?

B. Professional greeting: Welcome to the Career in Business Online Showcase sponsored by Florida Atlantic University’s

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