Informative Speech About Chinese Exports To Us

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Informative Speech
Luke Townsend (Fall 2017)

Chinese Exports to the United States

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the three largest Chinese exports to the United States.

Central Idea: The three largest Chinese exports to the United States include electronics garments, and machinery.


I. How many items in your general vicinity or on your person can you verify were made in China?
II. Hello, I’m Luke Townsend, and today I am going to share with you the three largest Chinese exports to the United States.
A. Chinese trade is important to the United States in that we receive most of our imports from China.
B. China is also one of our most important, yet threatening, allies in the complex world of international
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b. So, the next time you open your laptop, remember to thank the many people across the Pacific who made it possible for you to stay connected with the world around you.
B. The importance of items such as the computer, illustrates how international trade impacts our way of life every day, and if diplomatic balances begin to alter, our way of life may begin to change.

(Transition: Now that we have discussed Chinese-produced electronics, I now want to inform you on Chinese-produced garments.)

II. Garments are the second largest Chinese export to the United States.
A. Popular clothing companies, some of which you may be representing right now, outsource the production of their merchandise to Chinese factories.
1. First, MIT’s Observatory of Economic Complexity 2015 China export visualization also shows that garments account for 16% of the goods imported by Americans.
a. Of this 16%, footwear is 4%, feminine outerwear is 1%, knitted outerwear is 1% followed by smaller amounts of other products.
b. These products are valued at almost 65 billion American dollars. That’s a lot of Nike shoes!
2. Second, the 2017 Wall Street Journal article also published that 53% of leather footwear and 39% of knit sweaters consumed by Americans were manufactured in China.
a. As we approach the fall and winter season, people

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