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Hallyu Wave

Hello everyone. Thanks for giving me a chance to speak here. Good morning. Before I start, I’ll ask tyou some questions….
I believe everyone here has known Hollywood right? and also Bollywood? As we know, Hollywood has become the house of best actor, best movie, best music, best musician and many more. Also Bollywood for its unique dance, song and their clothes such as Sari. Now... how about Hallyu wave? Or K-pop? Have you ever heard anything about K-pop? If you don’t know anything about K-pop or have heard some issues about it and you want to know more. I’ll explain some information about K-pop.
Just to let you know, I have done a research about K-pop and I have watched some K-pop
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They use a towel because usually a K-pop concert will have a huge stage that the idol can run over the stage. So they will bring a towel printed with the name of the fansite and they will give it to the idol.
Here is the example of fandoms:
Super Junior = ELF (EverLasting Friends)
SNSD = Sone/ S♥NE (re: sowon)
TVXQ = Cassiopeia
SHINee = SHINee World/ Shawol
Big Bang = VIP
2NE1 = Black Jack

Second; Fansite
Each fandom will have some fansites. Fansite is a site that built by the fans. They will make some goodies such as a supporting towel, lightstick, photobook and many more. The usage of a fansite is for giving information a bout the idol. Such as where the is, what the idol schedules and many more.

Third; “Stalker”
K-pop fans will follow their idol where ever the idol goes. The follow them to search the newest information about their idol. They will share it through social media such as twitter, facebook, weibo (Chinese social media) and daum fancafe (they official site from Korea for the K-pop fans). They will also share the news faster than any news site.
Fourth; Donation.
K-pop fans will open a donation when their idol’s birthday is coming. They will collect some money from all over the world and buy a cake, and also a present for their idol such as the brand new fashion items, cell phone, and even a car. The donation also happens when their idol join a drama musical. They will collect some money and buy rice and send it to people
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