Informative Speech About Magic Mushrooms

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Content: Effects of Magic Mushroom
Intent: To inform others about the truth and misconceptions about magic mushrooms
Audience: Everyone
Intro: Psilocybin mushrooms are a Schedule 1 drug which means they have high potential for abuse and are not recognized for medicinal use, yet they are not addictive and overdosing directly from the drug is very rare.
Thesis: There are many misconceptions about magic mushrooms, but I believe that they could be incredibly important for the future treatment of mental health.
A . Psilocybin mushrooms are the scientific name of “magic mushrooms” and they are also referred to as psychedelic mushrooms or simply shrooms. They are often known for being a drug used by hippies during the summer of love back in the 70’s, and they have similar effects as LSD, which is another psychedelic drug. There are about 180 species and mushrooms are the most commonly used psychedelic for people under the age of 34. Some main effects of taking shrooms is feeling insightful, euphoric, in awe, giggly, and more creativity. Some people experience vivid hallucinations and maybe even a spiritual awakening. The way it works is that a chemical in the mushrooms called psilocybin interacts with the serotonin receptors in you brain and gives you a sensory overload. This means you will experience seeing saturated colors and patterns. Your brain can be considered to be hyper-connected, with different regions communicating with each other that they otherwise wouldn’t. The connections aren’t random but are actually organized and stable. The connections return back to normal once the drugs wear off. B. The drug is well tolerated among healthy individuals and doesn’t affect hormone levels, liver function, toxicity and blood sugar. There were only two people to ever overdose on shrooms, but they both had previous health problems. The most dangerous part of the drug would be if you have a bad trip. Bad trips are different for every individual that experiences one. A bad trip is a disturbing drug taking experience. Sometimes this may include suicidal thoughts, loss of reality, or paranoia. According to researchers at John Hopkins in a survey of about 2,000 people, 10% of them had a bad trip. According to

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