Informative Speech About Magic

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Are you interested in magic? If you are interested in magic, you should read this amazing book series called Harry Potter. I have been learning about Harry Potter for a couple of years now, and I love collecting Harry Potter antiques . Do you ever wish you can go on magical adventures and fight dark lords? If you said yes, keep listening , so I can tell you all the information you will need. Today I will be talking about Harry Potter, and how he got into Hogwarts ( a wizarding school), what he likes to study, and what his powers are. To start off let me tell you how Harry Potter got into Hogwarts. Harry Potter was going to turn 11 in a week. Hogwarts usually gives out letters of acceptances to kids they think have the ability of magic , or start the ability to have magic. That means Harry Potter got his letter on July 24, 1991, a week before his birthday. In real life though it actually is the Britain school law to get a letter by the age of 11. They also accepted Harry when he was 11 because that is the legal age to get their wands. No muggle, (regular human who got accepted) witch, or wizard can get a…show more content…
Harry Potter was interested in Defense Against The Dark Arts. This class teaches you how to defend yourself from dark, or evil creatures. It also defends you from dark potions, such as the polyjuice potion, to disguise the dark entities. It teaches you how to duel like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in the 2nd movie, “The Chambers Of Secrets”. One interesting thing about this class, is the job being jinxed, which means it goes from person to person. Harry also like to study Potions. Potions like “Confusing Concoction ”,to make your competitor confused, “Pepper Up” potion is for healing. “Skele-grow” is to grow any missing bones, isn’t that cool? There is also ‘Wolfs Bane” to calm down a wolf, and one of my favorites, “Verita-Serum”, to tell the truth, because honesty is the best
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