Informative Speech About Oktoberfest

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Intro sind Sie überhaupt zu oktoberfest gewesen? Or in English we say, have you ever been to Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Bavarian, Germany every year from September 16th to October 3rd, so it runs for 16 days. But will run for 17-18 days if the 16 days fall before October 3rd. I would like to inform you about the wonderful history, clothing, food, drinks, and traditions behind this historic festival.

Originally, Oktoberfest was a wedding celebration that was done in 1810. It was to celebrate the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-hildburghausen. Many days of feasting, drinking, and horse races were put together in order to celebrate the marriage between them. The festivities were held on the fields in front of the gates. These fields are were called Theresienwiese or “Theresas Meadow” to honor the Crown Princess. Today, the fields are called “Wisen” by the Munich locals. The citizens of Munich enjoyed this event so much that they made it a tradition, which became Octoberfest. Today, the festival is more popular than ever with 5.2 million people attending during Octoberfest 2016.

The two types of clothing that are mainly worn at Oktoberfest are the Lederhosen and Dirndl. The Lederhosen is worn by men and the Dirndl is worn by women. The Lederhosen emerged from Alpine regions of Germany and Austria during the 18th century. Even though there were leather pants during this time, southern Germany created the
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