Essay about Informative Speech About Real Proffessional Wrestling

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2 February 2011

Real Pro Wrestling

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of The professional sports league called Real Pro Wrestling.

Central Idea: Real Pro Wrestling was a professional sports league that differed from modern professional wrestling. Important factors include how the league started, who watches it, who competes in it, and where it is today.


What do you think of when somebody mentions, “professional wrestling”? Most likely you think WWE, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, And WWF. Did you know that there was a real professional wrestling league? And by this I mean it is based on the actual sport of wrestling. It is called Real Pro Wrestling. The word “real” is there to
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In the beginning, the league consisted of eight teams named after various cities and states, such as the Oklahoma Slam, California Claw, Texas Shooters, New York Outrage, and Chicago Groove. The teams were based in different cities, but all matches and tournaments took place and were filmed on a soundstage in Nashville, Tennessee. All matches were based on folkstyle rules and regulations (folkstyle is the same style used in American high schools and colleges, as opposed to freestyle or Greco-roman styles, which are used by most of the rest of the world). The first season of Real Pro Wrestling was shown on TV on 2 main channels: Fox Sports Network and PAX TV (now called ION Television). The first season consisted or 15 one-hour shows. The athletes were competing for a grand prize of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

The chance to win two hundred and fifty thousand dollars was very attractive to most of the top wrestlers in the country, so the new professional sports league had no trouble in recruiting the best wrestlers in the nation to compete on TV. The first season alone had seven 2004 U.S. Olympians. Most of the wrestlers in the league were former college all-Americans. According to Wikipedia, just one notable participant, Sammie Henson of the Pennsylvania Hammer, was a world champion. Sammie won a gold medal for the United States at the 1998 FILA Wrestling World Championships held

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