Informative Speech About Terrorism

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Let me just start off by saying that terrorism is not just BAD, IT IS HORRIFIC. Thousands of Thousands of people had died because of terrorism, and people just move ON WITH their life. They act like nothing even happen, they act like it’s not a bad thing that thousands of people just died/risked their lives.
I wanted to research terrorism because I wanted to see what really goes on in the real world outside of Video Games,or movies, or even tv shows. Trust me on this, after researching all of this it is nothing compared to your social, or your gaming life. It is way, way worse.The one BIG question that I had was WHY PEOPLE DO THESE THINGS! That is definitely the $1MILLION question. I don’t think that this question can really be answered, The only way that this question can be answered is called nothing.Unless people go undercover as terrorist to gather information we don’t have any reasons, or proof to why.I think that my problem can be solved because of technology, technology has already improved since 9-11. I can predict that it will keep improving and we will STOP TERRORISM. As the government, the non-terrorist will create tech on planes, buses, anywhere that terrorist can really travel to the U.S.

` Today I am introducing you a really terrible problem as you already know it is called Terrorism. Terrorism has really bad causes for it, usually as you probably guessed it kills a lot of people. It is mainly a group of psychotic people who kill people for money from their
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