Informative Speech : Authorised Discounts

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Authorised Discounts:
He is authorised to give £200 discount if he chooses to have the MSC logo printed on the kit by us.
If wanting more discounts, offer 5% off original prices of kit – offer 10% max. Don’t offer 10% straight off because if he will be happy with 5%, then we would be wasting money. If he is still not satisfied, ask to come back to him because you will need to consult the board on what prices to offer to ensure we make maximum profit, while still gaining his order.

Task 2:

1. Questions he should ask at the meeting to determine the customer’s requirements and any additional needs:
• What are you expecting/requiring from us?
• What information have you been given so far?
• You mentioned that we are more expensive than other companies you’ve looked at, how important is price to you?
• How important is quality to you?
• What are the football teams and fans looking for in the kits? i.e. colours/pattern?
• Would the online ordering system be something that would interest you?

2. Key information to look out for:
• Buying signals – objections are often buying signals in disguise. Also look out for positive buying signals that could indicate that you’re making progress. Examples of buying signals could be, nodding of the head, smiling or even picking up the brochures, or looking at the kit etc.
• Any look of confusion on his face – then explain anything further, to avoid misunderstanding.

3. Key features, benefits and USPs:
• Features:
• Exclusive special…

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