Informative Speech : ' Clueless Communication '

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Running head: Clueless Communication

A review of how to effectively communicate in the workplace
Marjorie Mundy
Pfeiffer University-Charlotte Campus

Author Note This paper was prepared for Organizational Communications MBA 701/M02, taught by Dr. Susan Luck.

ABSTRACT This review will look at two different forms of communications that assists the leader in conveying a particular message. Additionally, ensuring that the objectives are clearly defined from the source (sender) and understood by the receiver. Communication in the workplace is vital to an organization 's success. It allows for the exchange of information to be utilized within the workplace environment. This exchange of information relays various forms of data that contain information essential to everyday functionality. Communication itself contains two important aspects: 1) the information being relayed and received and 2) the outcome that it yields based on the message transferred. Some of the common objectives of official communication are to send and receive information, to receive or give instruction, advice, suggestions, and requests, and to persuade others. People who are in leadership are charged with the responsibility of holding a team together, and communicating to their members the objective of the task or the assignment they are aiming to complete.

CLUELESS THESIS The data transferred in

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