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Informative Speech Outline Casey Harral Topic: Comic Books General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience more about the history of comic books and what they have become. Thesis Statement: Comic Books are not just enjoyable to read for most but have changed everyday life more than people realize. Introduction I. Attention Getter: Watch Film Clip! II. Topic Justification: I have grown up my whole life reading comic books and watching the movies to come after them. A. I did some research to find out more about comics. 1. I did research on how and who got comics started. 2. I did some research to find out what tech has been created from comics. B. I have watched several movies that have been created from comic…show more content…
b. Instead Stan Lee was appointed publisher by the new company. 3. New World Pictures bought out Marvel in 1986. a. Stan lee got called into the owner’s office expecting to get fired. b. Instead they asked him to sign the comics he had created. C. He created all the superheroes we know today. 1. He created so many ledandary characters throughout his career. a. He created Spider-man. b. He created The Hulk. c. He created so many more. 2. He would have someone else illustrate the pages for him. a. He was not artistic enough to illustrate his ideas. b. Stan had several people illustrate for him not just one person. D. Decided to branch off and make his own company POW! Entertainment. 1. Although Stan branched off he is still Marvel 's chairman emeritus. a. He still goes and signs comics for people b. He still helps write new scripts for his comics. 2. Even though he is not a key part of Marvel now he still makes a debut in every film they make from his comics. Transition: Now that I have talked about how comic books came to be I will talk about all the different technology that has been created from them. II. Technology that has been created from comics. A. Years before the submarine was created, Jules Verne created s sub type vehicle in "20,000 League Under the Sea," B. Wearable tech and watches got the idea from Dick Tracy’s 2-way wrist radio. 1. The Apple Watch is merely the latest piece of tech to make its way from the comic page to the real world. 2.
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