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Name: Date: Course: Instructor’s Name: Assignment: 3D Glasses Specific Purpose Statement: To enlighten my listeners about the history of 3D glasses as well as their mode of operation. Central Idea: 3D glasses were developed to assist individuals view objects in a three dimension without having to strain their eyes. Method of Organization: Topical INTRODUCTION I. (Gain attention and interest) Many of us have encountered 3D technology at one point in our lives such as the red and blue comics usually found at the back of magazines, or a have watched a 3D movie at IMAX. It is with no doubt that, we all find this technology to be a fascinating one. II. (Reveal topic) 3D glasses is a technological concept that creates the…show more content…
One of the cameras needed to have a blue filter while the other a red one. 2. When this was done, each of the photographs would mimic what each of the eyes was supposed to see in reality. B. This criterion necessitated persons to ‘cross’ their eyes to see the three-dimensional impression; however, many could not manage to do so comfortably. (Transition) For that reason, a solution needed to be formulated. II. Aljoscha Smolic and Peter Kauff clarify in their article how a stereoscope was invented during the late 19th century to correct the problem of having to cross one’s eyes to see the 3D impression. A. The stereoscope had lenses that combined the two different pictures as one providing the three-dimensional illusion without much strain to the eyes. 1. Kevin Rio explains that the device was mostly used in bars and arcades up to 1930 when it was adopted in the media as an entertainment tool. 2. Some of us can relate to this technology even in the present times. (Transition) Let me take you through on how the 3D glasses operate. III. Currently, when any person hears the term 3D, they do not vision the stereoscope or view masters, and instead they picture plastic glasses with red and blue lenses. A. Whenever these glasses are used with some particular types of pictures known as anaglyph images, they bring about the impression of depth. 1. However, if one views the anaglyph image without the 3D glasses, it will

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