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Introduction: “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” When that phrase is spoken everyone knows who said it, when it happened and what kind of leap it was. It was a leap into space for America. Neil Armstrong said it, while accompanied with Buzz Aldrin as they landed on the moon, July 20, 1969. A third man, Michael Collins, stayed in orbit, and waited for the two to come back, and return back to Earth. The “Space Race” was one of the biggest competitions of the mid-to-late 20th century, along with the Space Race, there are many little known facts about the First Lunar Landing and with every government operation, and there are conspiracies. There will always be people who believe the lunar landing was faked, even though…show more content…
As they blasted off the moon, flying dust and debris made the American Flag fall over. Transition: As far as the flag goes, many people believe that the flag isn’t even sitting on the moon. That this whole Space Race was just a show to make the Soviets believe that America is superior and can get to the moon. III. There have always been conspiracies about the First Lunar Landing. “That is was shot inside of a studio,” say many conspiracy theorists. i. The flag waving is one conspiracy, says Ken Than of NatGeo in 2009. xvi. Conspiracy theorists believe that you can tell Apollo was faked because the American flag appears to be flapping as if "in a breeze.” xvii. The fact of the matter is… "the video you see where the flag's moving is because the astronaut just placed it there, and the inertia from when they let go kept it moving," said spaceflight historian Roger Launius, of the Smithsonian's Space & Air Magazine. xviii. Also, Myth Busters were able to BUST this by making a sized replica. They were able to manipulate the flag in a way that was similar to what the astronauts did. j. In a famous photo, it shows Buzz Aldrin standing in the shadow of the “Eagle’s” ladder, yet he is illuminated brightly. xix. Conspiracy theorists believe that if this happened on the moon, there would be a shadow covering Aldrin as well. xx. But to

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