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There are numerous problems with the outline below. Review the outline and catalogue the problems that fall under the following categories:
(1) Content
(2) Organization
(3) Sources
(4) Achievement of specific purpose
(5) Symbolization

SPS: To inform my audience about binge drinking on college campuses.
CIS: Binge drinking is a significant problem on college campuses, there are alarming statistics about the prevalence of binge drinking, and how binge drinking affects the lives of other students.
Org Pattern: Topical

I. Have you ever been to a party and drank too much? How much is too much?
II. A Penn State student clung to life in the emergency room on her 20th birthday with a blood alcohol
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Frequent binge drinkers consume an average of 17.9 drinks per week.
4. Infrequent binge drinkers consume an average of 4.8 drinks per week.
5. Binge drinkers represent less than half of the college population (44%) but they account for almost all of the alcohol consumed by college students (90%).

(Transition: This study shows that less than half of college students are binge drinking. Yet we need to be aware that it indirectly affects all students because of the role of alcohol in crime).

III. Many campus crimes are related to alcohol use and binge drinking.
1. Statistics show that 90% if all campus violence is alcohol related and that 80% of males who commit “date rape” have been drinking prior to the crime ( “College Drinking”)
2. Binge drinkers are 4 times more likely to have unplanned an unprotected sexual intercourse than moderate drinkers, according to the AMA report on “College Drinking.”
3. According to the study, alcohol is a factor in 40% of all academic problems and 28% of all college dropouts note that alcohol was a main factor contributing to their dropping out of school.

(Transition: It is obvious that alcohol and binge drinking have harmful effects on individuals and on college campuses across the country.)

I. This information should give you an idea of what binge drinking is,

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