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Topic: Thyroid diseases
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform readers of the dangers and results of a thyroid disease.
Central Idea: The thyroid controls so many things in your body and if not well taken care of can cause major damage to a person or their life.


Attention Getter: One of the most unknown body parts in the human body is the thyroid gland. It can also develop two of the worst diseases.
Credibility Statement: Your thyroid controls so much in your body and not many people are aware of what can happen if you get one of two thyroid disorders. Your thyroid controls most things from your sleep pattern to your weight to your heartbeat and more. Both disorders are nothing to overlook by no
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b. Inflammation of the thyroid, having a surgical removal of your thyroid, or some medications are some causes of hypothyroidism.
c. Like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism has many symptoms.
c.i. Fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, depression, and slowed heart rate are just a few of the many symptoms
c.ii. This disease develops at a slow pace so most people don’t notice the symptoms.
d. Women are more likely to develop this disease as well. The average age is 60 and up.
e. People who have had a thyroid problem before, received radiation for a thyroid problem, or had surgery on the thyroid are most likely to develop hypothyroidism.
(TRANSITION: Although you cannot completely get rid of either disease there are ways to treat it to maintain good health.)
III. Treatment
a. There are different treatments for hyperthyroidism
a.i. Antithyroid medicine, radioactive iodine, and surgery are a few ways to treat it.
a.ii. No treatment can lead to heart problems, weak and brittle bones, and death.
a.ii.1. A person that decides not to get treatment can go through a thyroid storm, which is rare but dangerous to a person
b. Synthetic thyroxine is the main way to treat hypothyroidism.
b.i. Synthetic thyroxine is a type of medication that is the same at the hormone T4.
b.ii. The dosage will depend on the age, weight, and other health issues of the person.
b.iii. This disorder can be completely controlled by this medicine.



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