Informative Speech

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In the beginning of the semester I was petrified to even walk into the classroom. The whole summer leading up to the first day of class, I was thinking, “oh I will probably just drop the course before it even starts.” However, I am glad that I had the courage to make it to the first day. I have learned many things aside from just growing confidence to go and stand in front of a room full of people. Even though I still get shaky and nervous every time I walk up there I feel as though, with every time, I continually get better and better. Besides myself, I am positive many of my peers feel the same way. Seeing other besides myself conquer their fears, is inspiring. Giving a speech was horrifying, thinking of a course where all we did was giving speeches—was even worse. Nevertheless, this course has been a real game changer. To begin I would like to discuss giving an informative speech. Let’s be honest at first, I had no idea how to even begin an informative speech. When I was told we had to do a demonstration speech, and I was totally freaked out. Looking at all the topic ideas I realized that the topic had to be something that I have knowledge about. After all the thinking about all the subject that I could do; demonstrate, I came up with the topic of showing how to bake cookies. Now when I am at home baking, I don’t talk aloud and speak upon everything I am doing. There was the first complication. Secondly when I bake I don’t follow all the little rules that go along with

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