Informative Speech For Lung Cancer

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Hello everyone! My name is Edric and today I will be talking to all of you about Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, other known as NSCLC.

To start off, I want you to meet Michele McMahon.
She was diagnosed with Stage 3 NSCLC on September 2007, however, she noticed symptoms of lung cancer years prior to being Diagnosis. She thought it was just a common cold, until one day it got really overwhelming, that is when she took it to the doctors, and received the killer. Funny thing is, it is like she knew it was going to be lung cancer. She never brought a friend to any of the previous tests, but this time, she did. It was as if she knew she had lung cancer.

After being diagnosed, she applied for targeted therapy and was accepted. She says her biggest
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Today we will be focusing the genes that cause Lung Cancer. There are actually multiple genes that can lead to lung cancer, however, one of the most common ones is the EGFR gene. The EGFR gene is going to be the gene we are going to talk about today. I know we are getting very narrow, but after all, I have four minutes to explain the cure for lung cancer. It is just to0 vast of a subject. That is why we are going into detail for a specific area of lung cancer. This is all about targeted Therapy. So what is this EGFR gene. EGFR stands for Epidermal growth factor receptor. It is composed of C22H23N3O4. It has a molar mass of 393.436 g/mol. It is located on Chromosome 7 of our cells, with a specific position of 7p11.2. It is responsible for controlling the rate in which cells grow and divide. When this gene is turned on, it signals cells to grow and divide. When it is turned off, cells do not grow and divide. It is programmed to turn and off at a consistent rate. When this gene is born wrong, mutated, or damaged, it constantly turns on. This causes cells to grow and divide at rapid rates without dying. These cells that grow are cancer cells. As more and more of these cells grow, it forms a tumor. We already know what those
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