Informative Speech : Genetically Modified Foods

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Keyanna Ralph Professor Enslen SPC 1017 12 November 2015 Informative Speech Outline TOPIC: Genetically Modified Foods General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, the audience will be informed on what genetically modified foods are, where they are found, and some of the controversial advantages, and disadvantages that are associated with them. Introduction Attention Getter and relate to audience: Before you eat a meal or snack do you ever actually think about where it comes from, what’s in it, and how it will affect your body? Were you aware that sixty percent of the food you consume encompasses one or more genetically altered components? Central Idea: As modern and young college students, most of…show more content…
a.GM Foods are created by a technique called Gene splicing. • Gene splicing first consists of targeting an organisms DNA. • Secondly, it consists of and removing its DNA. • Finally, it ends with inserting a different piece of DNA from another organism into the original organism. b. It also involves a process called DNA transfer. B. Why are Genetically Modified Foods created? 1. According to Bill Lambercht, a partner in the Human Genome Project, “GMF’s are made and marketed “because of the advantages they provide for the producer and consumers.” a. GM Food’s provide higher yields in the food supply. b. GM Foods are made because they are lower susceptibility to disease, drought, and pests. c. GM Foods are economical to farmers • Making GMF’s are more economical to farmers because it allows them to save money by not having to use so much pesticides on their crops. d. GM Foods are developed in industrialized areas to give foods a better taste. 2. However there are still controversial debates on whether GMF’s should still be made. Signpost/transition to second main point: Now that I have identified what GMF’s are, how they are created, and the reason behind why they are made, I will explain where they are found. II. Where are GM Foods found? A. GM foods are primarily found in the
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