Informative Speech: How to Make a Boutique Bow Essay

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Informative/Demonstrative Speech

I. Introduction a. Attention Getter:
Have you ever wondered how you could make your own hair bows? Do you want to learn to make hair bows for that precious little girl in your life?

b. Brief Background:
The idea to make hair bows first came to me after shopping for bows at the mall and realizing that they were not only poorly made but also extremely expensive. Hair bows are fun and simple to make, and anyone can learn how in just a few easy steps. (

c. Specific Purpose Statement:
After listening to my presentation you will learn how to make a simple bow in 8 easy steps.

II. Body d. The first step to making a simple boutique hair bow is
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You will do the same with the bottom section of the ribbon, looping it up and over the top part of the ribbon, forming a figure 8. v. While holding the center of the figure 8, fold the top of the figure 8 into the center crease (this will make the top part of your bow). You will do the same with the bottom part of your figure 8, folding it up to the center crease (this will shape the bottom part of your bow). vi. Use the alligator clip to hold your bow at the center crease so that you may freely make any necessary adjustments to your bow, without worrying about it falling apart. vii. Remove the clip, while holding the center of the bow in place, fold the bow at the center once, and then again at the top and at the bottom of the center of the bow, making three creases along the center. viii. You will now tie off your bow at the center by inserting the embroidery needle and string from the bottom of your bow to the top, pull the needle thru the center and wrap the string around tightly to make the center of your bow, and tie it tightly at the ends; cut off any excess string. ix. Your ribbon should now look like a little bow-tie, and we can begin covering up the center with 3/8” ribbon. 9. Now you will cut about 6” of 3/8” grosgrain ribbon,

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