Informative Speech : Make Your Lifestyle Healthy

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Make Your Lifestyle Healthy According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2015, seventy percent of males and fifty seven percent of females are overweight in the United States. As new children come into the world, they are being taught that being overweight and unhealthy is pretty typical throughout our society. Well, it’s easy to makes changes necessary to switch the direction of which the future is facing. To live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow three simple steps; eat right, be active, and be mentally happy. It all begins with a good diet. This doesn’t mean having a strict diet plan, which gives a guideline of what can and can’t be consumed for every meal of the day. This simply means in order to maintain healthy, nutritious eating habits need to be in play. Eating at fast food joints for every meal throughout the day makes it pretty easy to predict that there will be some weight gain. Even having a routine of eating out just once a day will have a negative affect. Greasy or high calorie foods are linked to many medical conditions like strokes, diabetes, and more. For example, if one has a job that demands a lot of time, most likely the meals will be on the run. A quick McDonald’s trip may be taken for lunch, and then another trip to say Taco Bell for dinner. From being on the run all day, that person may have to survive the day by consuming energy drinks and or pills. Believe it or not, it is possible to change this routine. Having a healthy and…
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