Informative Speech: Masskara Festivals

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장윤재/ 1-10 Title: Festivals of Philippines Purpose: Informing the audience about the features of major festivals in the Philippines so that the audience can better understand Philippine culture. Audience: Class students Organization: Topical I. Introduction A. Attention Getter Did you know that festivals never stop in the Philippines? In fact, regardless of when you visit the Philippines, there will always be a festival somewhere in the nation! (Badaoui 1) B. Significance of topic: As reported by the Philippine Department of Tourism, Every year 4 million tourists visit the Philippines to enjoy the various festivals (“Department of Tourism Main Portal” 1). C. Credibility National Geographic quotes that Festivals are a fundamental part of Filipino culture (Badaoui 1). D. …show more content…

(Santos 7-8). Transition: In a nutshell, The Sinulog Festival is a blend of Spanish religion and Filipino Culture (Santos 8).Finally I will introduce the Masskara Festival, or the Festival of smiles. C. Main Point 3 Topic Sentence: The Masskara festival, as you can guess from its name, is a joyful carnival that was created to boost the spirits of the Filipinos (Bianc 1). Sub point 1 Philippine News reports that the word Masskara means ‘mask’ in Spanish and just as its name implies, people wear colorful masks that have huge smiles on them. The masks are hand painted and adorned with beautiful feathers. One interesting fact is that the design was influenced by the Carnival of Venice and the Rio Carnival (Bianc 2). Sub point 2 Along with the mask parade, street dance competitions, beauty pageants and mask-making contests are held. All the events of the Masskara festival last a full month (Bianc 2). Transition In conclusion, The Masskara Festival is a good example of the Filipinos’ high moral and optimism (Bianc 5). III. Conclusion A. Memorable closing: As you can see, Philippines’ festivals are not simply

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