Informative Speech: Music And Its Effects Of The Brain

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Nardine Samuel
Mr. Pagnani
3 February 2017
Informative Speech: Music and its effects of the brain
Did you know that music is one of the few activities that utilizes the whole entire brain? Did you know that music can physically alter your brain structure? Today I am going to be talking about the power of music and its impacts and effects on the brain. Throughout my whole life I have always had a passion for music of all different types and genres. I listen to music wherever I go and during whatever I’m doing. My mom would continually badger me about the music I was listening to and how it was corrupting my brain. After much research and many songs later, I discovered it actually has many positive effects on the brain. In the rest
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We all want to be more productive because an increase in productivity leads to better grades. Now who doesn’t want better grades? According to the New York Times, many people use music to make a repetitive job more interesting or energetic. Some of the more melodious music out there can help release much higher amounts of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. By rewarding the mind we allow our mind to be happy which increases our focus and keeps us in the present moment. Business Insider tells us which songs help us the most. Many different songs have the power of benefitting us such as songs we enjoy and even music without lyrics. Songs that we enjoy make us feel better and like mentioned before, when we feel good we have more of a tendency to finish our work more efficiently. Music without any lyrics help us because the absence of words is less distracting. According to a Cambridge study, “speech distracts about 48% of office workers”. So next time you get off track or distracted, try listening to some music. In addition to improving your immune system and your productivity, let’s talk about music and the improvements of your memory. Ever wonder why you can remember a song you listened to in 2005 but not the math lesson you learned 2 days ago. Here’s why. The National Library of Medicine discusses
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