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Informative Speech Outline INTRODUCTION 1. Creative Attention Getter a. My creative attention getter will be playing a video with some hard helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL 2. Thesis Statement a. Football is a hard-hitting sport and can cause concussions, head injuries, and even permanent brain damage. 3. Preview of the main points a. Concussions can be defined as “by immediate and transient alteration in brain function, including alteration of mental status and level of consciousness, resulting from mechanical force or trauma.” b. Concussions have been a major problem in many physical sports and policies have been put into place to try and protect athletes. c. NFL players that are taken out of the game can lose the opportunity…show more content…
Players cannot return to the game or cannot return to practice until they have been cleared from the team doctor as well as a neurologist iv. In 2009 the NFL tightened the rules 1. Helmet to helmet contact is an immediate 15 yard penalty in the NFL 2. Players can be fined for an official labeling a hit helmet-to-helmet v. Returning to athletic activity too soon after a concussion can raise the risk of permanent damage if the athlete is hit in the head again 7. #3 Main Point a. Even though there are policies in place to protect the athletes, these polices can keep players out of a game that they may have been able to play in without any consequences i. Most NFL players have played football for many years and because they have grown up taking numerous head hits they can be considered less likely to have long term effects from a concussion than the general public ii. Many NFL players get paid for gaining titles such as: the most yards ran in a game, most touchdowns in a year, etc. The players can lose money and these titles if they are kept out of a game due to fear of a possible concussion iii. The person who watches the players and rules a player out for a possible concussion sits high up in the stadium and does not have the best view of the play in question iv. Even with this policy there has not been any decrease in the amount of concussions in the NFL. Front line reports that in

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