Informative Speech Of E-Waste

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At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to change their thinking about e-waste.

Have you ever thought of where your electronic go when it's old and you have no use for it. Most of us don't think of these stuff because we believe other will deal with it, but in reality it is a growing problem for all of us. What is e-waste? According to, "any discarded electronic or electrical devices or their parts; also called electronic waste." E-waste is a big problem due to a lot of the component being toxic and non-biodegradable. Many company are sending their waste to other countries to be dump. It is cheaper to send them to other countries rather than a recycling plant which cause company
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“A Feb 2002 article published in The New York Times reports that "The water sample, taken near a site where circuit boards were processed and burned, showed levels of toxic materials 190 times the levels for drinking water recommended by the World Health Organization."
D. Symptom of health issue:
a. Digestive system
b. Immune system
c. Reproductive system
d. Central nervous system
[Transition: Now that I have shown you what’s the problem is let’s go right into what causes the problem.]

1. The cause of e-waste is Electronic Industry.
a. “A Feb 2006 article published in VOA News (Voice of America) stated that "The electronic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The high speed of growth in this industry means more and more electronic products are being wasted and thrown away.
b. More and more people are buying and tossing electronic away every year for newer ones.
c. example: iPhone, computer, game console
d. “In a July 26 2015 article published in NewsRx Health & Science Reports, "According to figures published in the Global E-waste Monitor 2014 and compiled by the United Nations University, last year an estimated 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste was discarded throughout the
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