Informative Speech On Bacterial Vaginosis

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Today I will being talking to you about the bacterial disease called Bacterial Vaginosis or (BV) is an infection when too much of a certain bacteria change the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina. By having BV it can also increase your chances of getting an STD. Women usually do not experience any symptoms from bacterial vaginosis. If they do this is how to tell that you have BV. If you experience any of the symptoms you may notice that there is a thin white or greyish vaginal discharge, odor, pain, itching, or even burning in the vagnia, as well as a burning pain while urinating, itching around the outside of the vigina or even both. Some women may experience a strong fish like…show more content…
If it is present then they can provide you will all the help that you need to get better. How bacterial vaginosis spreads is unknown to how women can get it. Thinking that it is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria that are found naturally in the women’s vagina. By having multiple sex partners or new sex partners and douching can have affect on the balance of the bacteria in the women’s vigina while making you at a high risk for getting BV. Unknown to how sex contrubutes to having bacterial vaginosis it is not considering an STD but it can increase your chances of getting one. You can not get BV by sitting on or using the toilet seats, bleeding, or swimming in pools. The ways you can prevent from getting bacterial vaginosis is abstaining from having sexual contact with someone, limiting your number of sex partners to a minimum of people and not a huge amount, and by not douching.
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