Informative Speech On Cannabis

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If I give you a number, like 158 million of people in the world do something. First you will say It is a big number, but what they do. Well 158.8 million of people use cannabis; which is 3.8 % of the world’s population. When we talk about cannabis there are people who are for its use, other who are against it, but neither of them can deny the fact that cannabis has for a long time been prized for the solid and sturdy fiber in its stalks, and therapeutic mixes delivered by its female flowers, the crucial merchandise got from cannabis profoundly affected its restorative use and spread on the planet. Therefore, today I’d like to inform you about the history of the medical use of cannabis by focusing on three major periods: The ancient time, the…show more content…
In 1911, Massachusetts Becomes First State to Outlaw Cannabis. In 1925 the League of Nations Signed a convention that authorizes the use of cannabis only for scientific and medical purposes. By the 1930s two American organizations – Parke-Davis and Eli Lily – were offering institutionalized concentrates of maryjane for restorative use. Another maker, Grimault and Company, showcased marijuana cigarettes as a solution for asthma. Between 1930 and 1995 cannabis become less acceptable as it was removed from US Pharmacopeia, and penalties were given for cannabis possession. Once this period finished, in 1996 California becomes the first state to legalize medical cannabis and a total number of 28 states legalized it after it between 1996 and April 2017 the last one was West Virginia. On Aug. 26, 2003, Canadian HIV-patient Jari Dvorak, age 62, becomes the first Canadian patient to receive government-grown marijuana. The latest step made concerning medical cannabis was in June 2017, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed a decree legalizing medical marijuana.
To sum up, I personally think that more countries should legalize the medical use of cannabis to benefit from its remedy, and there should be more clinical trials of cannabis on patients to discover if it can cure certain disease in order to give the opportunity to scientists
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