Informative Speech On Cheating

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I. Introduction Attention Getter: Cheating is not always flirting, touching, or kissing. If you’re having text or chat conversations you would not want your partner they’d “misunderstand.” Significance: A man once said “Cheating is the receiving of a reward for the ability or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. Cheat can refer specifically to marital infidelity. Some who is known for cheating is referred to as a cheater. Credibility: Most of my relationships I have been cheated on by my partners. I looked at myself to realize is there something wrong with me to make them cheat. I realized that I am the comfort to my partners but not the spark each one desired from me because I have respect for myself. In some of my relationships I started to cheat just to see how it feels just to try it out. It is not my character. Papa told me, if you are THINKING or just UNHAPPY by a relationship, leave and heal yourself to become stronger than before. Now I leave ever relationship that makes me unhappy. A second form of cheating was in school was a hobby for me. I was not learning anything. When I began getting caught, I realized I am a smart female and do not need Google to make it through life. I can learn it and do it my damn self. Ever since I began studying and writing notes in class, I became A/B honor roll student and graduated with more than 4 cords. The last form of cheating I did was sports cheating. I was the first female wrestler at Breckinridge Middle School my 8th grade year. My first match I wrestled a boy that had horrible skin and a nasty rude mouth. Throughout the match, he continued to call me all types of names and tried to choke me while he had me pinned. I could loosen myself from the pin and go to the white line to put a tie on the match. On the second half of the match, I got sick of his mouth and just put him in the choke hole. I had enough of his mouth racist comments as well. I just put in him the choke hole and was talking all type of poop. The last form of cheating is, I have experienced cheating in school. I started cheating in 5th grade when I learned what Google was. In 6th grade I got my first phone and used google. I managed to get by in school be
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