Informative Speech On Corn In Economics

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John Morrow Communications 104 Informative Speech Outline 9/21/17 General Purpose: To inform the class of the influence corn has on America’s economics. 1. Main Point # 1 - Corn’s versatility, global demand, and profit margin has led the over grown grass to emerge as America’s number one crop. The USDA evaluated corn’s crop value to be $76.9 billion in 2011, making it a huge contributor to the American economic system (National Corn Growers Association, 2017). Research gathered by Duke University found that the U.S. produced 40% of the world’s supply, 10% of which comes from the small town of Constantine, Michigan while an additional 10% is produced from the surrounding areas (“U.S and Employment,” 2015; Motz, T., 2016). These spikes in corn’s global demand have created an opportunity for farmers and mid-western field workers to become involved in the growing and profitable industry. a. (Sub-Point # 1) One major influence on the great increase in the U.S.’s corn production is its great economic benefit for our local and national economies through tax revenue and employment. Corn is a subsidized crop in the U.S., meaning that American farmers are paid a guaranteed price by the government, in addition to the profit of their yield, just for growing corn (“U.S and Employment,” 2015). This creates a safety net for American farmers to start farming corn leading to the emersion of almost 2 million individual or family owned corn farms (“U.S and Employment,” 2015). Not only does
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