Informative Speech On Cursive

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Today I am here to talk to you all about a problem that is sweeping the nation. Cursive is a type of writing that is being forgotten due to the fact that numerous schools around the country are trying or have removed cursive. Schools around the country are trying to remove cursive from their school curriculum. Little do the all people know that cursive enhance brain development quicker in children who write in cursive. Studies have shown that children who write in cursive have had a quicker brain development in areas such as language, memory and thinking. Schools were struggling on how the staff could help the children who suffer from dyslexia increase their grades. Therefore, a school in Minnesota conducted an experiment on the children who struggle with writing, recognizing letters and reading. The experiment consisted of gathering children from a variety of age ranges. The kids were told to write all their work in cursive for a month and the teachers were instructed to record their progress. At the end of the month the teachers were told to compare their grades from this month and last month. The study indicated that the kids had major improvements in their grades. The researchers concluded that cursive increased their level of thinking. A researcher in Texas indicated that children who write in cursive have a faster brain development than the children who only write in cursive. I want to talk about how cursive can make a big difference in your brain development and help
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