Informative Speech On Eating Disorders

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Natacha Mohbat

Women’s Body Image In the American society, leading to eating disorders

Lebanese American University


At the end of my speech, the audience will have a better understanding on how society plays a big role on women’s body image. They will also be able to identify the relationship between body image distortion and eating disorders. Finally, I will provide further understanding on the crucial factors of eating disorders, as well as the different treatments available.


"Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.” The American society has been broadcasting a certain type of body,
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Therefore, the rest of the group will feel jealous and pressured to look like her.
2- Another example is found in relationships: men pressure their woman to look nice and have a nice body. This can be extremely overwhelming to the women since the person they love wants them to change. Women who feel pressured by the people they love and see every day can lead to harmful behavior like eating disorders. (Thomson, 2005)
3- Biological and familial influences can lead specifically to early-age distortion eating disorders. When compared with mothers of daughters in a non- clinical control group, mothers of adolescent girls with disordered eating patterns showed greater eating disturbance, had a longer history of dieting, and wanted their daughters to lose more weight (Pike and Rodin,
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Women in the American society become so obsessed with the idea of being thin and looking like the magazine models that they will go to extremes in order to achieve their goal. In other words, the obsession can sometimes lead them right into an eating disorder. However, solutions to these illnesses do exist.

A- The first disorder is the refusal of food and the second consists of throwing up after eating. In both cases, these disorders have one objective that accompanies them: to be thin.
1- People with anorexia nervosa have a tendency to look in the mirror and see their body as overweight and ugly even when in reality they are dangerously thin. A sufferer of anorexia nervosa can be underweight, emaciated with protruding bones or a sunken appearance. They can experience fatigue, dizziness or even fainting. The nails become brittle, the hair can fall out, and women can even experience loss of menstruation or irregularities in their menstrual cycle (Timberline, 2005).
2- People with bulimia nervosa will often eat excessive amounts of food, called binging, and then use different methods to purge those calories. Methods used include laxatives, enemas, vomiting, diuretics, or over-exercising (Brownell,
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