Informative Speech On Energy Drinks

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The Path to the Caffeinated Coffin

Good morning dear friends. today I am going to speak to you about energy drinks. How many of you present here consume caffeinated drinks?

Ah ha almost everyone present seems to be hooked on to them. I can see all hands are raised. Well, I too was once an addict like you, I have been through the same phase, some of you might feel a strong resistance to this statement initially, some might relate me to their parents who constantly nag you, others may just plain hate me. But for me, I just need one thing from you which is to believe me. Why ? Because I have spent the last few months reading, researching and experimenting with energy drinks and any statement I will be making today has been backed up by research
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Ever since Red Bull entered the market in 1997, there's been a boost in the sales of these caffeinated energy drinks. These are marketed to increase energy, aid weight loss, improve stamina, concentration, and athletic performance, some even claim to give you superpowers. But not a slight hint is given to the consumers about the high caffeine amounts in them which can lead to serious consequences in both adults and…show more content…
With 600 million litres of these being consumed annually in Britain alone, with 30-50% of these being consumed by the adolescents and young adults, we can say we are endangering our own future. It has been proved that it is much more fruitful to have your body be energised by the use of natural remedies such as having a balanced breakfast, exercising regularly and sleeping for at least 7-8 hours per day.

Energy drinks have no curative benefit, and many components have not been studied deeply and not monitored. The reports of toxicity raise concern for potentially serious unpropitious effects in association with energy drink use. For the temporary period, paediatricians need to be aware of the likely consequences of these beverages on the vulnerable groups and share the adverse effects of its consumption to educate individuals. Long-term research should intend to comprehend the effects in at-risk groups. Toxicity inspection should be enhanced, and ordinances of energy drink sales and consumption should be based on suitable
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