Informative Speech On Excessive Homework

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Informative Speech Outline
Topic: Homework
Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech my audience will understand and be informed of the issue with too much homework.
Central Idea: Excessive homework is unnecessary for the majority of college students.
Introduction: Online Work Attention Getter: “About 45 percent of undergraduate students attend college while working part time. 80 percent of undergraduate students worked part-time along side of going to school.” As stated by Laura Perna. (American Association of University Professors.) Topic Introduction: Today I am going to talk to you about homework. Relate the topic to your audience: As we are all collegiate students in this classroom we should all care and understand such issues. Relate the topic to you as a speaker: I am a first year full time student along with have taken many A.P classes in high school over the past 3 years. Preview your main points: I will speak about: work, mental health and school all joined together.…

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