Informative Speech On Football

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IT’s fourth and goal it is Super Bowl 49 they were on our own goal line the knees of the offensive line,and offensive line were shaking,as I feel the sweat running down my hands warming up .The ball is snapped I see their best receiver anquan boldin sprint to the middle of the end zone I sprint to him leaving an man wide open. Russell Wilson reaches back and fires I reach out and snatch it almost dropping it I fall to the ground rolling in excitement my team picking me up.As you can see I am talking about a sport hear and this particular sport is football the sport that fills the night air with emotions on Sunday,Monday,and Thursday dreams our bound to happen.People today that want to be in the spot they were in is out there everyday ,staying after practice knowing that it is almost impossible to make it,knowing that it is a brutal game deciding their career,and not being liked by everyone. The first point being,is that out of every one hundred kids,and or adults only three of them only three make it to the NFL.First,There are many that fit into this category of being one of the best football players but not the best student athlete getting in trouble for smoking weed or something like that the NFL will take someone with less talent and better as an athlete.Another scenario is when you are going for one position,and your coaches told you that you need to know how to play more than one position,and all the teams have fulfilled that position already with someone better with experience,or a better rookie.A final scenario is when you in college and high school you ran similar offenses and then when you get ready to gopro and you can’t learn the plays right,or the formations to line up,and the quarterback is the leader on the field.This is just one factor to the life of a NFL player to a guy who just played college this makes any difference. Another point being,is once making it to the NFL does not mean that you're not going to be hurt,this is not the NBA playing hard on offensive,but play no defensive this is a brutal game trying to push your team to the next step in the franchise,and they will do anything.There are several examples,of this many people know Bo Jackson he was a great running back,and had a
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