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My dad had taken my best friend, his brother, and me to a hypnosis show. At the time I thought that hypnotism couldn't be real, and that he pays people to say as he does. He asks for volunteers, and of course my dad’s brother volunteers and is chosen. He then starts following the commands, tapping, snoring, and dancing. Watching a six foot tall, 200 pound man dance in front of hundreds of people may have changed my mind, and unless he was on payroll, hypnosis had to be real. So what is hypnosis, what are common misconceptions and myths, and what are different types of hypnosis? Today I will be answering these three questions.

Hypnosis is one to the most controversial and misunderstood way of psychological healing. It gives you the
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Although the hypnotist isn't picking at random he's searching for the easiest, and most willing volunteers, because his or her job is to put on a show. Also the way the hypnotist presents them self is key. If they were to say they were a part-time actor and will pretend to be a hypnotist it is going to be nearly impossible to hypnotize anyone. But if they say they are a famous hypnotist, who has traveled the world changing lives, and who can hypnotize the audience in 1 minute, almost 90% of the people will already be in hypnosis, according to self hypnosis. The last type of hypnosis I will be talking about, which to me is the most intriguing form of hypnotherapy, is past life regression. This technique helps practitioners uncover memories of their past lives. By uncovering these memories, you are able to find out why you are the way you are. If you are having trouble in your current life that has no direct cause, the goal is to find out the root cause of the issue from your past life or incarnation. Whether you are strictly religious or not, past life regression helps you gain an awareness that you are more than just a physical body.

Now that you are aware of what hypnosis is and the different forms of it, let's talk about common myths and misconceptions people have about hypnosis. Number one, the hypnotist can make you do something against your will. This is completely wrong, hypnotist only guide you to places, and if there is somewhere you don't want to go you

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