Informative Speech On Life On Mars

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I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter: Have you ever just gazed at the night sky and looked at the stars and thought to yourself “Is there life on other planets such as, Mars?” Then, you begin to think if NASA will hire you after you applied 20 years ago.
B. Speaker Credibility: When I took an astronomy course at USC, my class was getting into life on Mars. At the moment of my semester, NASA discovered water on Mars. This was a discovery that caught my attention therefore, decided to speak about it.
C. Thematic Statement: Today I will speak and explain if it is possible for Mars to contain life.
D. Preview Statement: The possibility of life on mars is an extravagant topic to look at. Before that, we must analyze Mars itself along with its conditions. First, we will talk about the ice caps located on Mars. Second, we will examine the water streaks on Mars. Third we will observe if the red planet is inhabitable for humans to conquer it.
II. Body
A. Main Point 1: Us humans have overpopulated the earth and will continue to grow if actions aren’t took. We had a population approximate to 7.4 billion people living on earth in 2016. It takes about 40 years to increase the population by 3 billion. Earth can only hold 10 billion people max. Therefore, we will overpopulate the earth around 2040. We need to conquer another planet however, not all planets have the basic elements to sustain life.
B. Main Point 1: One of our discoveries were the polar ice caps on Mars.
1. Supporting Material: released an article titled “Mars Ice Deposit Holds as Much Water as Lake Superior” on November 22, 2016 stating that, “Frozen beneath a region of cracked and pitted plains on Mars lies about as much water as what's in Lake Superior, (largest of the Great Lakes}.
2. Speaker’s idea: Lake Superior has enough water to cover North America or South America. This means that the ice on Mars can cover a huge wide span when it is melted. In addition, when the ice on mars melts it can help create an atmosphere for Mars.
1. Supporting Material: The article published on titled “Red Planet Heats Up: Ice Age Ending on Mars” written on May 26, 2016 states, “Mars can tilt more than Earth, causing the Red Planet's poles

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