Informative Speech On Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is an highly deadly cell division in the lung (mitosis). It is extremely difficult to cure once it has spread past the lung. Lung cancer is the cause of death for more men and women than for any other cancer. An interview with a man who had stage 4 non-terminal lung cancer answered some questions about the disease. How did you find out you had the cancer? He had a lump in his throat and he went to the doctor, where he was told to get it checked out. He then found out about his cancer, plus another lump in his lung. It also spread to his spine and ribs. What kind of treatment did you have? He had 5 treatments of radiation in 5 consecutive days for the lumps in his lung and throat. The doctors were also going to try and penetrate the cancer in his spine and lungs. He also did chemotherapy. How did your life change once you were diagnosed? He had to go on a diet and exercise more. He had to start weightlifting. What were some difficulties? The treatments and medicine drained all of his energy.
Lung cancer is an uncontrollable disease in the lung. Many people die from this cancer because most of it has spread to other parts of the body by the time the symptoms start to show. The definition of lung cancer is the appearance of malignant tumors in
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The risk of getting diagnosed with lung cancer increases depending on the length of time a person smoke and the amount a person smokes. People that smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day have 200 times the chance of developing the cancer than the non-smoker. Second hand smoking can also cause lung cancer. Another cause is being exposed to radon for a long time. Radon is a radioactive gas. Some environmental toxins that can cause lung cancer are asbestos, hydrocarbon products, nickel, vinyl chloride, uranium, and pitchblende. Coal tars or roofing products are some examples of hydrocarbon products. One more cause for lung cancer can be the continuous damage of lungs for any
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