Informative Speech On Marilyn Manson

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When most people hear the name Marilyn Manson they think of a deranged guy devoted to demonic ways of music. In fact, people tend to forget that Marilyn Manson is just a stage name. Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on January 5th, 1969. Knowing who Brian is today you would’ve never thought that he had a pretty normal childhood. Normal not in the sense that he had a regular civilian life, but by having two loving parents and a great education. The beginning of Brian’s life would have you fooled that he would have never become who he is today. Brian’s mother, Barb Warner, was very over protective. So much so that she would evil eye neighbors that dared looked at him. Brian’s father, Hugh Warner, wasn’t around a lot due to fighting in the Vietnam War. Whenever Hugh returned, Brian was subjected to psychological testing to see if his father’s time in war affected him. A lot of…show more content…
In the eyes of the media Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe are essentially the same. That’s what Brian wanted to create. Someone that is able to both induce fear and be someone that could be looked up to.
Manson got exactly what he wanted out of his music. He wanted to be someone that people could look up to for his lyrics and deep meanings behind his persona, but some people take his antichrist persona too seriously and go down a dark path. April 20, 1999 is a perfect example of the media glorifying Manson’s persona. At approximately 11:10 a.m. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got out of their cars outside of Columbine High School (, 2009). No one could have guessed what was going to happen within the next thirty
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